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From America to Australia, the UK, Brazil and beyond, Dr. Dennis Fetko, “Dr. Dog”, has been the “go-to guy” for police K9 trainers, Veterinary Associations, animal rescue shelters, dog bite legal cases, television shows like “20/20”--and dog owners like you. Now he reveals to you the quickest, easiest— and even fun--ways to get rid of your dog’s problem behaviors…

“How to finally eliminate your dog’s

annoying behaviors—and why you may

actually be teaching him these

behaviors…without even realizing it!”

If your dog chews up the couch ... jumps on your guests ... barks excessively ... digs up the yard … soils indiscriminately ... pulls on a lead ... or exhibits any number of other annoying and destructive behaviors, you will learn here how to eliminate these behaviors without resorting to yelling ... swearing ... hitting ... or jerking (and save yourself a boatload of frustration) once you learn the secrets of “dog talk.”

FROM: Dr. Dennis Fetko, “Dr. Dog”

TO:     Frustrated Dog Lovers Everywhere

I want to clarify one point right at the outset:

I Am NOT Talking About

Obedience Training!

Obedience training is a good thing--but learning to “sit”, “stay” and “come” won’t EVER solve your dog’s behavior problems.

If you obedience-train a dog that barks, you’ll end up with a dog that sits, stays and barks. In other words…

You end up with an obedient dog that still barks!

The methods I reveal in my book Dr. Dog’s FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions are not based on some mindless notion or fad. And they’re not just my opinion.

Every one is based on solid animal behavior research ... proven in the field with thousands of dogs.

It really comes down to basic dog psychology ... using the premise that rewards work better than punishment and realizing that dogs don’t understand what the heck you’re talking about when you’re yelling at them for chewing up your slippers.

Yell at your dog and he’ll just look at you with those sad eyes. He might even look remorseful. You think you’ve made your point. But no...

If your dog doesn’t understand what you say, you’re punishing him for being ignorant—not for being bad!

You will learn to “Talk Dog” and really communicate to your dog what you want him to do—and to motivate him so he wants to do it!

  “…top-notch, scientifically     sound information…”

   DOG FANCY Magazine

“Dear Dr. Fetko, I wanted to write to thank you for the miraculous change in my dogs!

Before your advice, I had no control over my dogs.  Outside, they pulled, barked, and jumped on people; inside, they whined, demanded constant attention, and behaved like spoiled brats…

Now we have all changed! We just returned from an enjoyable trip to the shopping center.   

My dogs were relaxed and calm in the car, didn’t pull as we walked around, sat down obediently when I stopped, and never once barked!  I was secure in my leadership position, happy to praise them when they earned it, and calmly in control.

I have learned to be a better dog-lover!

Thanks, again!   

Esther L. M.,

San Diego, CA

O r d er   F o r m

Yes! Dr. Fetko, I’m absolutely positive you have the quick and permanent solution to my dog’s behavior problems. I can’t wait to begin reading Dr. Dog’s FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions!



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Now, with the methods I reveal in my book, Dr. Dog’s FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions, you can quickly and easily train your dog to...

And get this...

You can even train your dog to poop ON COMMAND! (perfectly humane and a whole lot more convenient for you).

Proven Methods = Success!

“Dr. Fetko, You’re THE BEST presenter ever to address a Dog Control Conference in our field in this country.

I still receive compliments about the quality and content of the one and only Dr. Fetko’s Seminars.”

New Zealand Dog

Control Conference

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After repeated requests from listeners of my weekly radio program and other dog lovers across the globe, I decided to compile all my best behavior training “secrets” into an ebook you can instantly download. Start getting positive results today!

I’ve held nothing back in writing Dr. Dog’s FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions. In my jam-packed ebook, you get solid, no-nonsense solutions to every conceivable problem you may face.

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“Dr. Fetko is America’s #1 authority on the latest in animal behavior and handling.

He takes lofty concepts and puts them to work in the field and shelter."

Oregon Animal Control


“Once again and as usual, you were the highest rated instructor at our Training Academy.”

National Animal Control Association Training Academy

Who is Dr. Dennis Fetko and Why Should You Listen to Him?

The one man the experts turn to when they need an expert.

He was chosen by television’s 20/20 program as their expert in animal behavior to appear on a segment about animal collector syndrome. Dr. Fetko is a trusted expert witness in animal behavior and dog bite trials.

Dr. Randall Lockwood, behaviorist and Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States, requested Dr. Fetko’s assistance as an expert witness with the Justin McCarthy case—the largest animal abuse case in the country. Mr. McCarthy was convicted thanks in part to Dr. Fetko’s testimony.

Even though the Zoological Society of San Diego has credentialed animal behaviorists on staff, this organization asked Dr. Fetko to testify on their behalf before a California State Senate Hearing. The chairman of the hearing called Dr. Fetko’s input the clearest, most lucid and most valuable and added, “This man should have opened our hearings.”

Municipal and private agencies in 42 states and six countries use Dr. Fetko’s Field Officer Bite Safety Program as their dog bite prevention bible.

When Children’s Hospital and Health Center in San Diego added a Canine Care Therapy Program, they asked Dr. Fetko to design the critical behavior and temperament evaluations. Currently

30 volunteer dogs and their handlers make 12,000 visits to the hospital annually. There has not been a single negative dog event. Dr. Fetko received the hospital’s coveted Volunteer Of The Year Award.

Dr. Fetko spent several months in Saudi Arabia managing a project to reintroduce captive-bred Arabian Oryx into the Saudi Arabian National Wildlife Research Center after a recommendation from the Zoological Society of San Diego.

Retraining takes just a few minutes a day for just a few days.

Boom!  Problem solved.

It’s that easy!

If you’ve already tried conventional obedience training, you know it won’t solve behavioral problems. If you’ve been thinking of dog training, let me save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars and a lot of additional headaches (like carpet cleaning, furniture repair and possible lawsuits).

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have tried obedience training and even weeks of “Board and Train”--for thousands of dollars—and have given up hope of ever having the dog they wanted. They are incredulous when my “fast, easy, and fun” methods finally solve their dog’s behavior problems including barking, chewing, fighting, biting, aggression, soiling, jumping, and more…

You WILL …

Learn to communicate with your dog so he actually understands what you want him to do. (Hey ... dogs are smart. So use my smart strategies. See the jaw dropping difference for yourself!)

Use gentle methods that truly strengthen the bond of love and respect between you and your dog.

Enjoy the double takes from your friends and family as they wonder how that troublesome behavior simply vanished.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more. Much more!

Now imagine it’s two weeks

from today …

You’ve read my books. You’ve put my methods to work. You’ve transformed your once disobedient dog into a responsive, well-behaved companion. I guarantee you will already see astonishing changes! Most people see changes the very first day!

You’ve put all that frustration and embarrassment behind you. You’ve fallen in love all over again! And—imagine this—the lady at the dog park that asked you not to bring your aggressive dog anymore NOW welcomes your dog as a playmate for her dog. (Yep—sounds incredible—but this is an actual example!)

And if you’re overjoyed, just think how he feels! He’s more confident because he knows exactly what you expect of him—and he knows who’s boss. That’s all any dog really wants … to understand what you’re trying to tell him and to know who’s in charge.

Don’t wait another minute! You’re just one click away from peace and harmony in your home...

It will be my great pleasure to hear from you about your experience using my proven methods with your dog. Enjoy your dog more by teaching him proper behavior. Here’s to your success!


Dr. Dennis Fetko, “Dr. Dog”

P.S. My work for decades has focused on ending unwanted animal behaviors. Sadly, more dogs are put down for their behavior than for physical problems. So I take my work very seriously!

With thousands of dogs and dog owners that I have personally worked with, I have witnessed lives being changed and dogs finally becoming the dogs the owners thought they would be. Now with the publishing of my book, Dr. Dog’s FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions, my methods are reaching many more people…

"Dr. Dog" Answers the 15 most Commonly Asked Questions About Dogs

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          and much more…

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"Dr. Dog" Answers the 15 most Commonly Asked Questions About Dogs